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Girard GIR5104
36 years
170 cm
73 kg
My / United States of America
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Hello its Girard, sorry I havent been on in awhile ive been very busy with school. But im still the same person. Im not sure when I will be able to move there but I am working on it. Feel free to leave a msg. I will respond as soon as I can.
Bengt Mård BEN5897
55 years
179 cm
81 kg
Dalarna / Sweden
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hi Bengt Mård you can find on fb to
take care
Dave DAV7362
71 years
178 cm
73 kg
Davao / Philippines
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I am a happy go lucky kind of guy, looking for someone of the same nature.
Kiram KIE4922
48 years
186 cm
92 kg
Manila / Philippines
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Wanted ladies that"s not liar not fake,scammer . ladies that can work it with good communication skills are very welcome u know who u r ,if You want to know me more drop me a message and see where we go
Frank FRA5318
54 years
179 cm
79 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Hope to find someone nice and honest..
Goutam GOU1594
52 years
171 cm
70 kg
Calcutta / India
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funny, free and frank and enjoy life to the fullest.
Andreas AND5424
52 years
183 cm
82 kg
Hamburg / Germany
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II have all kinds of messengers. If you are interested enter your data
$ype andreasxxxxx
Tommy TOM1534
73 years
180 cm
93 kg
London / United Kingdom
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nice romantic guy faithfull honest caring
Jarl EDG6294
69 years
182 cm
76 kg
Finnsnes / Norway
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Searching for a serious girl/woman I can trust and believe in. I am separated just now, waiting for legal divorce soon. Also often visiting Philippine, latest January this year.
PS. I'm not searching for a woman older than 35 y.o.
Hans HAN3211
48 years
174 cm
80 kg
Wittlich / Germany
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Girls first you must contact me in Chat.
im naughty
give me your id for videochat in
Robert ROB8524
71 years
176 cm
100 kg
Turre / Spain
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Retired pensioner wanting a mature partner.
Tom TOM1436
38 years
185 cm
75 kg
Sanders / Germany
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I would be happy to find a girl in the philipinnes, and would like to live there, or we find an other place togehter ....somewhere....
William WIL6683
69 years
186 cm
94 kg
Philadelphi / United States of America
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I need a woman possibly young enough to give me children---but not necessarily---and old enough to no longer be a child herself. She must love me hard and the rest of our family soft, and both with all her heart. She needs to love letting me please her and then must need me like crazy. She needs to be well presented, but not necessarily be a show horse. She needs to be intelligent, at least somewhat educated and ambitious for herself and her family. She must be courageous and cooperative as a teammate. She has to want to be my teammate in life.

I will love her completely and make as many of her dreams come true as I can. Tell me what you need from me.

Without being disrespectful, I am not interested in anyone who is still a virgin. I want a woman who is an adult and knows something about love and men.

Georgios GEO3289
49 years
173 cm
77 kg
Saint Franc / Canada
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About me: Computer Engineer-Network Specialist who is into Athletics/Sports/Weightlifting Automobiles/Motorcycles Biking Bowling Camping/Fishing Cooking Dancing Gardening Golf Listening to Music Photography Sailing Scuba Diving Skating Snow Skiing Snowboarding Surfing Theatre Watching TV/Movies cuddling going out of town and having candle light dinners with you long walks on the beach and most of all just enjoying your company and doing things planned or spontaneously. Love to cuddle kiss and be intimate with the right person as well. A Greek guy who is looking for true love and a marriage partner and companion for life. Well to begin with I am looking for someone who is willing to share a life and does not play games. I am not looking for someone that is a major drinker or smokes period, and definitely not someone that does drugs. I am not into ladies playing mind games or using men for there money or are not real. Most of all someone who compliments me and completes me as I them in there life and someone that can appreciate a man who can love you genuinely.
Looking for: I am looking for someone who is willing to share a life with me. Distance to me is not the problem as long as we communicate everyday or as much as possible. I like a girl who is romantic, passionate and most of all loyal and honest. Also a warm hearted and caring individual with a listening ear and a nurturing heart as well and love children and have a desire for children and also most important one that puts God first in there lives and have some inclination of spirituality and a good intellectual side which when we talk she constantly amazes me. You must be able to have a good conversation on the phone when we communicate also cheerful and outgoing personality. Trust as well as friendship is also important to me in a relationship with you. Also one who wants and likes to have children one day and is marriage minded as well. So if you feel you may be the right one for me or feel that spark and chemistry with me do not feel shy send me a message and let me know about you. Also when I write to you please tell me if your interested or not and write back as soon as you can because I do not want to waste each others times.
Tony TON6631
74 years
186 cm
83 kg
Cagayan De / Philippines
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Middle aged american looking for honest, caring, petite young lady for relationship or more. Since I am on the quiet side I prefer the lady to be more out going, happy, romantic,, and not afraid to be the aggressive one at times. Looking for partner for long term relationship or more.
Karl KAR9775
60 years
184 cm
88 kg
Düsseldorf / Germany
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search here only a nice Girl, what is serious and want a relation in the future.
please not a women what have much Chatmates for selection.
i m all years for Business in Phils. next arrive
summerr in Manila makati.pleasem not Girls what like sugar Daddys

Daz DAZ7484
53 years
178 cm
70 kg
London / United Kingdom
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I am a friendly , quiet english man. Easy going, kind, intelligent.

I like younger than me, petite Filipina woman although it is not good to stick to one type, so I am open minded really.

I don't like angry people, I like sensitive kind woman, someone who doesn't argue too much. But it is good for her to be strong sometimes too.

Hopefully I can be lucky and find the right one.

I have been to Boracay in 2009.

God Bless


John JOH8774
61 years
173 cm
86 kg
Marina / United States of America
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I am honest, simple person. My hobbies are tennis, music, movies, and theater. I am seeking a simple, attractive, honest lady.
Garry GAR4702
59 years
172 cm
60 kg
Canberra / Australia
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hello. I am a single man. never married no children. I have worked for 30 years as a photographer in newspapers. I have been to the philippines marami times. But i dont speak tagalog. So it is most important for me that you can speak english!
I have a small house, but it is untidy. Coz i got no wife to nag me about picking up clothes and cleaning.
I got a cat and a garden where i grow some vegetables and fruit trees. It is cold here a lot, so strawberries grow, apples, even cherry.
I really do not want to talk to con artist or scammers or game players. I only interested in honest ones who want to try to find the right one.
I not really all that religious, but i dont mind if you are. I live by the same rules as religious ones. i dont play around. I hope i can find a real person here. Hope u can too.
Dino DIN4066
52 years
178 cm
131 kg
N Stockton / United States of America
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im Italian and nicaraquan Old-School type of guy, a regular old fashion type of guy looking for a ideal woman that is loyal and faithful and good hearted woman. i love movies, music from my times of 70's to late 90's Old-School music. Old School type of cars. Camping , fishing, Etc Playing Pool. IF you are interested in me and u have request me in .So we can know each other in xxxx chat hopefully you r the one for me.and for you too.